Gardens by The Bay

Disclaimer: Photos are taken during the Yuletide Christmas Flower Dome 2014, the real place could not be so decorated as in the photos due to the season decorations.

Gardens by the bay is one of the iconic attractions in Singapore.

They have two conservatory domes – namely the flower dome and the cloud forest. We entered only into the flower dome to see the decorations of Christmas.


Single Conservatory Tickets available.


Tickets Adults:

Local Residents: $20                            Standard: $28


Local Residents: $12                             Standard: $15

Senior Citizens:

Local: $15                                          Standard: $28

You can purchase the tickets online or queue at the ticketing over there itself (don’t worry the queue isn’t really that long during normal days). You can also find other information on the website itself.

Photo 25-12-14 7 04 56 pm Photo 25-12-14 7 06 28 pm



Hubby’s wonderful idea of taking a photo of the ribbon. Isn’t my sister and my hubby so cute?

Photo 25-12-14 7 10 03 pm Photo 25-12-14 7 14 39 pm


We are greeted by the Romantic Christmas tree so I asked us my sister to help us take a photo!

Photo 25-12-14 7 25 06 pm Photo 25-12-14 7 31 21 pm Photo 25-12-14 7 34 12 pm

Photo 25-12-14 7 42 29 pmPhoto 25-12-14 7 47 14 pm

This is outside of the conservatories and the iconic tree looking structure haha. They have this Rhapsody performance using music and lights on this tree structure and it is operating daily. Admission is free because this is outside of the conservatories.

Daily Shows
7:45 PM, 8:45 PM, 9:30 PM*

Photo 25-12-14 8 22 15 pm Photo 25-12-14 8 33 32 pm

More photos of the Flower Dome conservatory during the festive season!Photo 25-12-14 8 45 30 pm Photo 25-12-14 8 46 41 pm

I see pretty pink roses

Photo 25-12-14 9 03 42 pm Photo 25-12-14 9 08 15 pm

My sister is trying to touch ‘snow’. How cute because Singapore doesn’t snow. It’s her dream to see real snow. I am already predicting that she would love to travel too.

Photo 26-12-14 4 17 45 pm Photo 26-12-14 4 18 06 pm Photo 26-12-14 4 20 23 pm

Of course I kind of neglected taking photos of the flowers and the many cactus since the lights are the attractions at that time. Come by soon! I entered the Cloud Forest before (not during the festive season) and here are the photos: (Photos come in a random fashion)

Photo 11-3-13 6 55 39 PM Photo 11-3-13 6 56 23 PM

We were first greeted by this man made waterfall once we enter the Cloud Forest.

Photo 11-3-13 7 27 29 PM

I don’t know why there is an exhibition of these miniatures around but I just took photos. As Singapore is a country with different races, we have different cultures and our wedding ceremonies will be different. This is the Malay Wedding iconic with their drums and their traditional Costumes.

Photo 11-3-13 7 27 41 PM


This is an Indian wedding, the groom and bride are wearing this flower chain around their neck like a necklace. They call it the Garland. I am not sure about the symbolic meaning, learnt it in school somewhere but memory searching failed me.

Photo 11-3-13 7 28 05 PM

A Chinese wedding, you have to serve tea to your elders to symbolizes respect and to get their blessings. Chinese do love the color red as it symbolizes prosperity and good luck. (But of course this is just pre-ceremony) We would have a wedding dinner and invite everyone to eat with Chinese courses at a restaurant.

Photo 11-3-13 7 28 29 PM


For my wedding in the future maybe, I would have both the Chinese Wedding and the Christian Wedding as I am a Chinese and a Christian (Religion). Which interestingly, can be held together, a ceremony with God as the witness where you walk down the ale and hold a Chinese Dinner later on inviting all relatives and families.

Photo 11-3-13 11 58 20 AM Photo 11-3-13 11 59 35 AM

Singapore’s National Flower: The Orchid! And that flower which is weird looking is a Carnivorous plant (Pitcher Plant) that eats flies, the saliva looking fluid is actually supposed to digest the flies and attract them at the same time.

Photo 11-3-13 12 01 23 PM


Took a Panorama with my iPhone. Weird results though. failed attempt.

Photo 11-3-13 12 05 00 PM Photo 11-3-13 12 15 21 PM

They have this kind of stones around (they say it’s icing from a real cave imported). Photo 17-11-12 4 52 46 PM Photo 17-11-12 4 53 59 PMThe Overview of the Gardens By the Bay, you can clearly see the conservatory domes and the iconic tree looking structure thing haha (How do they call that), And a great spot for a great photo shoot if you want one. I’ve seen 2 wedding photo shoots ongoing the two times that I’ve been there myself.




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