Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort 2015

For Valentine’s day! We decided to have our very own staycation for the weekend as 14th February falls perfectly on the Saturday!

Photo 14-2-15 3 32 59 pm Photo 14-2-15 3 33 44 pm Photo 14-2-15 3 34 17 pm Photo 14-2-15 3 34 53 pm

This is the lobby, they have this mini cart providing free iced tea and lemon iced water with snacks.

Photo 14-2-15 3 46 51 pm

This is the water fountain walkway towards the lift to our room right beside the reception lobby.

Photo 14-2-15 3 48 50 pm Photo 14-2-15 3 49 35 pm Photo 14-2-15 3 49 43 pm Photo 14-2-15 3 49 50 pm

We got the Premier Room (One that comes with the Bathtub, all basic amenities provided, includes Body Wash, Shampoo, Body Lotion and Conditioner. (And of course, I took them all home, don’t other people do that too?)

They also have Tea Bags for English Breakfast, Earl Grey and many more (All taken back home LOL) and of course a boiling water pot.

Photo 14-2-15 6 11 54 pm Photo 14-2-15 6 11 58 pm

Our room is on the 3rd floor, and this infinity pool (They call this the sky pool) overlooking the sentosa harbour is on the 4th floor, which is really convenient! But it opens only from 7am to 9.30pm. Aww.. No night scenery swimming? They have another pool but located far away from the lobby reception, you have to walk quite a distance and we didn’t go to that one (The Dream Pool). They also have a mini spa circular pool right beside this pool, sorry I forgot to take photo of that one.

Photo 15-2-15 6 00 21 pm Photo 15-2-15 6 00 23 pm

Hubby asked me to pose, my posing is so lousy made my shoulders looked so wide. And look at his funny selfie.

Photo 14-2-15 8 41 36 pm Photo 14-2-15 8 51 41 pm

The hotel offered this package with the Wings Of Time. (A lights and water show at Beach Station – Sentosa)(Adults tickets: Local $15, Foreigner: $18) The show is shorter than what I had expected.. only lasting for around 20 minutes. All in all.. The show is pretty amazing I really wanted more.. The lights and special effects are really nice. The photos did not do it justice. And my hubby are amazed when special effects like fire and fireworks are used. He keeps wowing every few minutes.


Photo 15-2-15 6 00 26 pm

Eating Maggie Mee in the hotel room while watching local channels. LOL. We made use of the Boiling Pot.

Photo 15-2-15 6 00 41 pm

Buffet Breakfast complimentary in the package of the hotel stay. The usuals of every hotel breakfast is here. Sunny side ups, sausages and bacons and pancakes. Commonly found.

They also have Nasi Lemak (Local cuisine) with Otah and China dim sums (dumplings) and my favourite Japanese Smoked Salmon!

My boyfriend had Cappucino and I had orange Juice.

They have fruits an also yoghurt available.

Note: We learnt our lesson not to take anything from the minibar because they are chargeable :(. Don’t mention it, luckily we didn’t drink everything haha! Don’t be stupid like us. Well, it’s our first staycation anyways, lesson learnt.




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