River Safari Singapore

I’m not born in Singapore. I lived here since age 7. Gotten my citizenship at age 19.

But I definitely know Singapore a lot since I’ve been living here for 14 years since primary school. (elementary school)

Went to plenty of places, but not until the technology of iPhones, cameras and I finally got my own DSLR through a part-time job that I started documenting the pretty photos and of amazing life and things around me! I will continue to do so for memories keepsake and will have stories and stories to share with my own grandchildren and also to share my memories and tips for readers out there.

Ok stories aside. Singapore have Zoo (almost every country have one), Night Safari (The first ever night zoo), and River Safari. I’m pretty sure it’s just their business strategy to have so many safaris opening up side by side and to sell tickets in a package.


And we went there to see the main attraction of course! Pandas!! I wonder how many of you had heard of this adorable animal. Found in cold climate due to their fur. The dome that hosts them is also very cold once you enter, artificial climate. Those of you living in Singapore would know that Jia Jia & Kai Kai (name of the pandas) are given to us by China, these animals are not found in Singapore (we are too hot lying on the equator).

The pandas given to Taiwan in Taipei Zoo by China already has a baby! I’m waiting for our own Singapore Panda baby!

Fun Fact: Pandas are going to be extinct soon in the nature, so have to breed them (mostly in China now) but they are difficult to breed with a yearly gestation! And Jia Jia doesn’t seems interested in Kai Kai yet sob. They don’t give birth to a litter, usually give birth to one like humans (we do have twins though), think quality is better than quantity for them!

River Safari is a safari that features different creatures in the different world rivers. I wonder how did panda fit into that category? Guess they just want the pandas in river safari to attract people to visit!

Eg. Inda – Ganges River


A red panda (that’s the name! are they even relatives?)

DSC_0298 DSC_0207 DSC_0253 DSC_0227

Rivers! Of course you’ll have different types of Crocodiles & Alligators (I’m still not sure how to differentiate them but please run for your life when you see either one and not try to see their differences)!! Beware people when you go near rivers! (kidding)

And large fishes! As large as a 10 year old kid! See the gigantic turtle/tortoise?! (I really need that extra animal education why got different names one?! How to differentiate them?! In Chinese only one name call Wu Gui, (Turtle) or Hai Gui (Sea Turtle).


My boyfriend is like: “look at this fish! It’s as long as my arm!” and trying to measure every fish that comes near.

Guess he never see large fishes so close up but of course he knew they exists.

DSC_0110 DSC_0116 DSC_0144

We went to pay extra money to sit on this short boat ride they called it the “Amazon River Quest”

Difficult to take photos because the boat ride is not static haha! But a lot of monkeys are featured. (I wonder why are they not in the zoo but river safari)

DSC_0222 DSC_0340

Just some “Googly” photos we took. We call them Googly photos because it’s like something you see when you search on google and looks professional enough and we laughs it off praising ourselves haha!

That pretty much sums up our trip!

I really love animals but hope to be able to interact with them more instead of plainly taking photos. Zoos in Singapore doesn’t have that but we may have that kind of place elsewhere!

I really wish to visit South Africa zoos to interact with baby lions! (So adorable)

Thailand for elephants! (They have elephants camp there!)

Animals on my checklist of travelling, I am really sure that non-animal lovers will miss out a lot when travelling on these aspects! God created amazing life! Just don’t start talking about how they should be freed and what not. Just appreciate that you can see them close up and they are fed and treated well by the zookeepers and animals in captivity will have difficulty surviving in the wild. Choose wisely before you go to any zoo to see the credibility of the zoo and make sure that zoo did not mistreat the animals.


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