Singapore Transportation Tips

First, download or print out this MRT Map.


This is the current one. Then buy this thing call the Ez-link card from any stations’ office.

It will be around $15 per card, with $10 value inside for use.


Minimum top up is $10, there’s a paying per trip option at the Top up machine but it’s more expensive.

Bus ride – per trip is dependent on the distance.

Please do not take the Express or Fast forward services, more expensive! How to go where can simply ask any ticketing office at any station and they will provide you with information.

busfareAnd going into the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), the train, need a minimum amount of $3 on your card before you can enter.

The bus fare and MRT fare will be discounted if you are continuously travelling and there will be this transit fare.

More information here!

Hope you like visiting Singapore! 🙂




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