About Us

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The Girl

Lynn Chan. Born 1994. Loves Photography, Travel, Food, Scrapbooking and Shopping.

The Boy

Ocean Wong. Born 1993. Loves to Eat and Sleep. That’s all.

Instagram: @siaolianeh

The Couple

Being together since 2nd July 2011. It’s about 3 years plus now. I met him in Junior College, He’s my senior and my Orientation Group Leader. But now he’s the love of my life.

To Our Readers

Thank you for visiting this humble blog of ours! :D. We really love sharing everything. Tell me if you want a follow for follow. I would also love to discover new blogs with great contents for future travels! (Travellers Let’s Unite!) Okay sounds so cliché. But It’s true I always look for blogs on reviews of any hotels and etc. It’s full and filled with pictures, better than reviews on travel sites and sometimes people post things that happened to them at a more personal level during their trip that we can learn a lot about! Okay.. Hope you learn something new reading !

Contact Us

Send in an email to me if you like to ask for any advise. All emails welcomed 🙂

Personal: lynn.lihlin@gmail.com (Lynn)

Or fill in the contact form below



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