Legoland Trip 2015 Malaysia

Singaporeans are excited, because of this Legoland Trip in Malaysia that is just in Johor, Nusajaya! Not far from the customs.

As usual, we took 170 or 160 from opposite Kranji MRT. We went there on 24th October 2015 to 25th October 2015.

This is my first time booking an Airbnb apartment from a Singaporean who owns a bungalow in Johor.

185 159161

This is at East Ledang at Ledang Heights. I didn’t exactly booked this through Airbnb, I booked it with Harry personally and thankfully he gave me a huge discount and skip the admin fees payable to Airbnb. I just paid SGD$150/night and there are 4 bedrooms available, the master bedroom comes with a bathtub and the rest all comes with a shower. He is also very friendly, a great Airbnb experience for me. Although this is quite far from anywhere and need a taxi to go around, use MyTeksi App, something similar to GrabTaxi. The kind owners passed me the keys and left.

The miniland is right smack in the middle of the theme park, getting to anywhere have to go pass this place.


It’s Tanah Lot from Bali, the lego version! Just posted our Bali trip and we saw the real one.. Although we could not capture the real one like this on photo unless we can fly, or using an aeroplane camera….


All the buildings are from South East Asia! I’m seriously not sure about this building.. because I kind of forgot which building is for which country.


This is India! Taj Mahal!


Is this a Vietnam boat?


China! Spot the 万里长城 behind!



This is the Singapore Flyer! They even have a SG50 logo in the middle. I suppose that is the Harbour at Harbour Front? They have the whole of Clarke Quay in Legos, surrounded by a fake river. I took down our iconic Merlion in front of the Mini Fullerton Hotel!

It’s worth going back to the Miniland to see the night version, because there will be lights around the mini building and it would also be different.

The mini legos actually move when you press a button.


Didn’t really capture most of the rides, because we were busy riding on them and laughing and having fun and we have to place our bags and phones in the shelves provided. Just captured this one with my dad on it.


This is like a mini jurassic park from Universal Studios, we bought raincoats to sit on this one. The raincoats are like SGD4 each. Which is quite a lot in Ringgit. We went on this again and again and again for three times because there are no queue, probably all the hype of Legoland is gone and not many people go now. This is one of the more thrilling rides if you are looking for thrills. Not much otherwise, I highly recommend Technic,  and the Dragon!!

There’s two dragon rides, one is the dragon’s apprentice (the smaller one that go two rounds around a short track) and the bigger one inside the Castle!



This is the lego display outside the Dragon’s Apprentice ride. There’s a lot of such displays around the park but I didn’t take much photos because I accidentally left my phone back in the Airbnb house. All these are from my boyfriend’s phone. XD


This is the castle seen from the top of the Observation Tower, it was raining so the window actually have droplets.

We met with an unfortunate technical issue on board the observation tower, it got stuck on top and we are all scared. But luckily, we all came down after a 10 minutes stay on the top, the employees handled it pretty well and we came down slowly and after that they did a few rounds of testing before opening it to the public again.

182 181 167

This is the boating school, it is the only ride we needed to queue for awhile.. Kids get to drive their own boat and my younger sister is definitely happy to do so. A ‘romantic’ getaway on a ‘boat’ in a ‘river’ with my boyfriend? I hereby declare that his driving license is invalid because of his lousy skills of driving the boat.

180 177179 178         169

This is inside the new Star Wars exhibition!! All star wars fan, cry out in excitement! I don’t know anything about starwars, but my boyfriend seems so nerdy when he recognise all the displays. Haha what AT-KT machine, what place the who and who fighting below a volcano. Oh gosh.. Only a foresty place display he said is Yoda’s hometown? (Is it yoda?)

168      162

Because we went in the October which is the Halloween period, they have Halloween decorations up too! Different months for different decorations it seems. They have this big big ghost at the gate and mini pumpkins and tombstones in the park, all made up of Legos.

We happily ate in the park at the King’s Grill (near the castle and dragon), RM65 for Family combo, we ordered 2 family combos for RM130. It was quite worth it. We are sharing amongst us, 7 family members.

One Family Combo consists of: 2 chicken chops, 2 normal drinks, 2 small ribena drinks, 2 puddings, 2 small meal for kids (nuggets and fries)

Then at night we just went to the nearby Secret Recipe store just outside the Legoland. (Expect Singapore Price here). Cannot go anywhere far unless you take taxi so we decided just to settle dinner there.

The next day, we just stayed and rest in the house until around 11am plus and we took taxis to JB Sentral. Which is near the Customs.

Taxi meter will be around RM30, but we called the taxi from the MyTeksi App, and they charge a little extra for booking.

Random shot below at the JB Sentral.


Watching movies at the JB Sentral is so worth it than watching movies in Singapore, Just RM15 each ticket which is around $5 per ticket as compared to Singapore’s usual $10 per ticket, depending on which day you are watching.

Overall, it is a great getaway from all the stress and relax for the weekend! We never go to Legoland before and it’s a first experience for all of us. But we won’t be going back anytime soon. The rides are pretty much for kids.


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