Seoul Korea 2011 Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, Click here.

Hi! Continuing from my last post,


I’m starting with some random funny naked Mona Lisa we found ! LOLS.

I just want to brag! We met with Miss A! (Some popular female idol group back then at 2011)

376974_2754205025686_730413120_n 403360_2754209825806_1182699833_n

I wonder how Jurong Junior College Student Council gets invited to see them! All around of applause for my teachers for their prowess! seriously. We get a free album of Miss A with signatures! But after 4 whole years, I sold it to a fan who is surprisingly still a fan of them. (I thought K-pop idol groups phase out quickly) It’s all good because I have a photo to prove:


And who can forget about food!

There’s a lot of street food that I didn’t try but the most memorable ones are these!

2011-12-16 18.54.20 2011-12-16 18.54.33

It’s called Bulgogi! What a fancy name but it’s actually beef! You just BBQ it yourself and you eat it free flow for a fixed price! Amazing like a buffet! sorry for the poor image quality.

The Kim Chi (cabbage with a sour spicy sauce) is their everyday appetisers. As seen in the photo on the right on the top left hand corner of the photo. I learnt that Kim Chi can be made of 200+ different type of vegetables but the most common one is cabbage. It’s totally different taste from local mimicked Kim Chi (fake!) and the sauce didn’t even taste near! You just have to taste it to try! (Don’t even mention the fake bulgogi sold in Singapore Kopitiam means Food Court) They taste so hard and weird but this one is juicy and chewy!

The best food ever tasted in my life is their Sam Gye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)! A must try in Korea! The one in Singapore taste like water plus a bit of chicken essence and fake Ginseng that tasted bitter. But theirs is incredible, sorry I’m so bad at describing taste!


There are glutinous rice inside the chicken! (Did they stuff the rice through the chicken’s butt?) LOL at my disgusting thoughts. Disclaimer: I forgot to take a picture because I’m busy eating. I took this from Google, sorry to the owner!

That’s all from me for Korea! 🙂 Have a good trip!

I will visit again to visit their Lotte World! They have a lot of amusement park though but I think this Lotte World is the most famous one!


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