Bali Trip 2015 (Part 1)

Sorry for the late late post! Kind of neglected this blog, wanted to give it up but I have decided to pick this up again!

This post is dedicated to me and my hubby’s 4D3N Bali Trip, it was on the 25 May to 28 May 2015.

1st Day


First we arrived at the Singapore Airport and took Tigerair! So excited! Mandatory airport and out of the window photos!


We immediately checked into our La Belle Villa as early as 9am! Luckily they allowed! And hubby’s first reaction is lie down on the bed as seen above. This villa is a humble villa for lower budget people like us. We are students only you see.. They have a cute little living room and a decent kitchen that you can cook cup noodles with haha. It has a open air concept with grass and a tree just outside our room , there’s a door to separate the room with the ‘mini garden’ .. Thankfully, there’s not a lot of mosquitoes and flies, just one or two, just close the doors!



It’s kind of near the Seminyak beach! We walked to the beach and further up a little and we reached Ku De Ta! We shared the pizza and our impression of Bintang Beer is ahhhhh! So refreshing! It’s a must try beverage of Bali! Be prepared to spend around SGD$40 here.


Took a taxi to Poppies Lane and there’s a lot of shops around the whole place and took another taxi to Tanah Lot Temple (An iconic Temple of Bali that you must visit!) .. Please find Blue bird taxis, they have a diamond logo on top and their taxi have code numbers at their side. Take a look at this guide..        

There’s a lot of fake blue bird taxis around that doesn’t run on meter so be careful! All the taxi uncles of blue bird taxis we met are very honest and nice and we met with no problems at all during our entire trip. There’s a lot of blue bird taxi around everywhere.



3 4 5 6 7 8   4746

We were there around 6pm and the sunset is stunning! We have to cross a shady water with lots of roads,  wash our hands, donate a small amount of money, let the monk put some rice on our forehead and a flower on our ear and then take off our shoes before we can climb on to the stairs to the temple while we cannot reach the temple further up. We can only climb up halfway. Then take these amazing photos!.. The temple is quite big in area, we walked to the extreme right and it’s a whole different view! People there sells a lot of paintings, toys and Bali souvenirs just along the stretch of road when you walked into the temple. You can buy and bargain with them. That’s the best part of shopping.

You need to pay for the taxi’s entry fee as well as your entry fees. (eg. 2 adults entry and 1 vehicle fee for us) (It’s not very expensive, just a few dollars)

NOTE: The kind taxi uncle waited for us at Tanah Lot Temple because he say there is no taxi around there for us to fetch and hail. So he waited for us for about an hour and a half and took us back to our villa. (Both trips are on metered fares!) (How Nice, I gave him a tip)

2nd Day


Humble breakfast that the villa staff served. It’s egg cheese jaffles and banana crepes.

Our Bali drive Madek (Putu’s cousin) came and fetch us at 9am. ( We agreed on USD40 per day for 10 hours.


He drove us to Goa Gajah, Elephant Cave Temple here. It’s quite small. Only 15minutes walk would suffice.


As you have realised, you need to wear a ‘Sarong’ around your waist to cover your legs if you are wearing shorts or mini skirt. It would be fine if you are wearing long pants, long jeans and long dress. The Sarong is provided but the entry into the place is paid but it’s supposed to be quite cheap. The drive here was pretty long as seminyak and ubud area is quite far.



Madek drove us to this restaurant he introduced, the Bebek Joni, we ate Bebek Bengil. Apparently, Bebek means Duck in Indonesian, and Bebek Bengil means dirty duck because they live in rice fields! This restaurant have a stunning view, we sat at a good spot on the 2nd floor, we spotted a few cows and ducks running around this beautiful rice field.


The price is reasonable at around SGD20~30, depending on the things you order.



After the great meal, we went to the Tirta Empul Temple! All of these places are actually quite near each other so the drive shouldn’t be quite long.

You can go into the temple ‘pool'(?) and wash yourself as seen in the photo! There’s a very small changing room nearby. We didn’t dip though. The temple itself is quite big and beautifully designed. It’s really rich in cultural and worth going.

18 19 20

Then, we went to Kintamani, a live volcano. Our driver told us this volcano have not erupted for many many years! But it’s live because there is steam coming out from the volcano hole and there’s people who actually hike up the volcano at 3am in the morning just to catch the sunrise! My hubby wants to hike on it too but definitely next time, I’m so not prepared for hiking. I am not really sporty too. The bad thing about this is there is a lot of people selling and touting around this area even when we are trying to take photos. Guess they really need the money from tourists. You can ignore them if you are not interested in the things they are selling. Beside the volcano is the Batur Lake, heard there is a hotsprings there too that you might want to visit.

2150 22 23 2451

Then we go to the Tegalallang rice field. I didn’t plan to hike!! But this rice field made me exercised! I’m crying and laughing at the same time. You need to climb down flights of stars and climb up flights of rice terraces and venture into the middle of the rice field. It’s a good experience though. And someone is trying to ask me for a entrance fee to a place that he doesn’t own. His face look like somebody owes him a serious debt. Haha.

Wait for me to update Part 2 okay!

Read the planning of this trip here. And realise how different is the planning for the actual event! HAHA. No planning can be perfect, but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. At least we have attractions in mind then we just go along with it along with suggestions from the locals.


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