Batam Trip 2014

Hi Everyone!

I decided to open a new blog because I forgot the username and password to my blogger account. So dumbass right? I decided to change to wordpress!

Heard a lot of great comments about it! And may decide to buy a personal domain in the future.

I decided to use the best highlight of my life as my first post!

It’s the Batam trip with my boyfriend! It’s my first time travelling alone without school/parents. How exciting! Like all grown-up!

Photo 9-6-14 1 17 05 pm

This is what the image I took there, similar to what I saw on , Turi Beach and it costs only $198 for 2pax 2D1N. But we bought the 3D2N one because we thought that 2D1N will be too short ! But the price became $398 instead! Duh Duh Duh!! Including the ferry tickets of course, buying it separately costs $40 per pax.

Photo 9-6-14 11 01 31 am Photo 9-6-14 11 54 28 am

Singapore Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal To Nongsa Ferry Terminal.

There’s a free shuttle transport between Nongsa Ferry Terminal to the Turi Beach Resort.

We reached a little too early so we decided to explore around the place before checking in at 2pm.

Photo 9-6-14 3 07 56 pm Photo 9-6-14 3 09 00 pm Photo 9-6-14 3 09 31 pm

Our room is nicely equipped with the essentials, including a day bed and a balcony outside! The balcony is shown at later photos. There’s definitely air-con! And people always think wah Indonesia not hot and a lot of mosquitoes and lizards meh? Haha think too much..

Photo 9-6-14 12 28 11 pm Photo 9-6-14 12 31 28 pm (1) Photo 9-6-14 12 33 02 pm Photo 9-6-14 12 39 43 pm Photo 9-6-14 12 55 50 pm

A must tourist shot – JUMP SHOT!

We explored around and there’s a pretty Jetty !! We used it to watch Sunrise on Day 2!

And there’s a Hammock there for the public!! We chope (a slang for using it selfishly?) the whole day when we have nothing to do and have already checked out but waiting for our ferry time!!

Photo 10-6-14 6 57 49 am Photo 10-6-14 6 59 21 am Photo 10-6-14 7 07 06 am Photo 10-6-14 7 12 05 am

Pretty sunrise on Day 2!! How exciting when the ‘Egg head’ pops out?! but we need to wake at 6am Batam time. around 5am Singapore time?!

Photo 10-6-14 7 29 59 am

The sun rise view from our balcony! Forgot to include the balcony earlier. It consists of two chairs and one round coffee table. Just nice for a morning cup of tea. Of course, there are curtains, I opened it wide to wake my hubby up, haha, you can close it for more privacy.

Photo 11-6-14 9 00 56 amPhoto 10-6-14 8 51 30 am

Complimentary breakfast included in the package!

We really love the sunny side up!! So yummy!! English breakfast with a lot of choices!!

Photo 10-6-14 1 20 31 pm Photo 10-6-14 4 35 53 pm Photo 10-6-14 5 59 04 pm Photo 10-6-14 7 32 27 pm Photo 10-6-14 7 34 20 pm Photo 10-6-14 8 11 08 pm

The photos sums up what we did at Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall and Golden Prawn! (Suggested by the malay taxi driver uncle we had, there was a language barrier but we try our hardest to understand each other which is pretty fun!! haa!!)

A massage is a must in Batam! Our favourite: Foot massage at Crown Parlour near the shopping mall owned by a Chinese local. ( introduced by the taxi driver of the resort)

Then we sing Karaoke at the mall!! (nothing to shop for and KTV 1 hr $5 ! Cheap). Yes they have Chinese songs haha!

We ate A&W for lunch (not available in Singapore) and Highlight of the trip (Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant!) All the crabs and fish are freshly picked, Still alive before we ate them… aww sorry crabby you’re just too tasty.

We had Sweet & Sour Fish, Butter Crab, Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab! (Yes! You can choose how to cook them!) The Butter Crab is recommended! SO YUMMY!

And passers-by be like : “OMG, that couple there eat so much!”

Photo 11-6-14 2 10 01 pm

We ate this Es Campur at the Resort for about $7 SGD.. Yes they charge SGD and everything at the resort was overpriced but we just try it anyways.. It is really nice! Not traditional Ice Kachang they sell at Singapore’s Kopitiams. It’s far more better! You have to taste it to know..

Everything under $600 for 2 pax including the $398 for the resort. (I tried my best not to overspend though!) (better luck next time, cross my fingers!)

Sorry I forgot to mention we paid $40 for 2 pax for 1 hour banana boat ride. My boyfriend loved it a lot but I ended up sun burnt and my arms too tired because I have to hold on really tight the entire ride but still fall into the sea.

We also have an one hour complimentary kayaking ride from the Groupon package and 1 hour complimentary full body massage by the Groupon package but there are no photos available.


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