My 21st Birthday – The Chevrons


Well, dilemma on the venue for a few months before I decided on The Chevrons. I paid $150 and held it on my exact date, 5 November 2015, Thursday. (Non-peak)

It’s best if you are a Chevrons Member, apparently only SAF Sergeants and above can get it only.



This is my invitation card made by myself on Photoshop. I initially wanted a rainbow theme, but then I changed it to the Nautical theme instead. A rainbow theme is just colourful and doesn’t looks like have any theme at all, haha. Good thing about The Chevrons is you have a big pool just outside the room! There will not be a lot of people there swimming anyway and you got yourself a private pool (nearly).


232                       228

I have many people to thanks!! First, My mum for sponsoring my expenses for the Chalet, Pizzas, Decorations etc. And most of it all is making so much delicious food for my guests!! We ordered Sarpino’s pizza and it is really cheap. They have this $35 for Two 14″ Classic Pizzas and Delivery is free if charged to a DBS/POSB card, total $108.50 for six pizzas. (Not sure when the promotion ends) We also ordered 40 pcs of KFC from their delivery website for around $92.



Next, for my dear Hubby who is my Personal Chauffeur for the day! Not forgetting his parents for the car and the red packet!  XD



He drove me to collect my cake desserts from Swissbake party packs (60 pcs of small cakes for $67) and my birthday cake from Cupplets. The cake is 8″ and costs me $145. Sigh.. why are customised cake so expensive.


Thanks to three of my friends, Ee Ling, Ying Wei and Kwang Hui for coming down earlier to help decorate!


The Swissbake cakes are on the cardboard cake stands. They bought the seashells from The Art Friend. Got some of the small umbrella decorations from Spotlights.

The blue and turquoise swirl paper straws from The Paper Market. 15 Latex no helium balloons and the golden number balloons of number 2 and 1 from Give Fun.

I made the scrapbook/ Guest Book myself. (I always like to do scrapbooks so I have a stash of materials at home) (Bought a few more from Popular.)

As you can see, I didn’t spend much with a budget chalet instead of a hotel and most of the things are D-I-Y-ed!! The cake is most probably the most expensive.



I made the Happy Birthday banner myself using Thickers and some papers and string bought from Daiso.

Thanks Ee Ling and Ying Wei for making the net for me!! They are so pretty!! They watched YouTube tutorials and learnt how to make it. I think they want to put it up on Carousell for rental haha.

188 189 190 191

JC Friends gather!! And smile!! So glad they are here even though a few of them cannot make it due to exam period. Too bad that my birthday is near their exams.

Hubby drove me to Jurong Point to get those floating helium balloons from the ArtBox.


192 193

With Lee Qi (Stella) #bff since secondary school and her boyfriend Sean.

194 195

With Hubby’s best bud Caleb and his girlfriend Clarabelle.

196 197 198

With my university friends, some overlapped from JC and Secondary School.

199 200

With my immediate family, (From left) Dad, bro, me , sis, mum

201 202

With my external family. So glad so glad my grandma is able to come for my birthday all the way from Malaysia and stay with us for a month! With Cousin Pei Qi, Jia Lun and Pei Qi’s mum.


Two GB Friends here, Stella and Faith. Sad that Ge Tao went back to China.


SIM Accounting friends.

205 206

Best friends!! #BFF

Research have shown that a girl will have at most 5 to 6 best friends in her life.

207 208

Posing with the cake. The tablecloth we bought from NTUC Xtra is just so matching that you don’t realise the table below is actually a Mahjong table.

209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217

Random spamming of selfies and photos with the JC Friends!

Below is a collage made for my instagram post.


And last but not least!! My love, soulmate, best of the best friend, world, life, ______________(Fill in the blank)

224  226 227


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