Clarabelle’s 21st Party

The most celebrated age ever! Her boyfriend Caleb, is the best friend of my boyfriend since secondary school.

So one day, Caleb told us he is planning a surprise party for his girlfriend Clarabelle. We went out a few times together on a double date for dinner so she knows us. The girlfriend know he is planning something but will not know where is it held at and who is involve and what is happening.

So Caleb booked the fantastic suite in W Singapore Sentosa Cove. The fantastic suite comes with your own plunge pool! But the pictures in the hotel website are far too nice for reality, as our expectations are far higher. The pool didn’t actually have purple lights at night and lightings shown in the photo isn’t as pretty in reality. It’s just a little expectations gap so I guess it’s not a big deal since the living room is almost the same as well as the bathroom.


website who3462gb_128783_ub who3462po_128793_ub

Taken from the hotel website.


DSC_0347 DSC_0348 DSC_0350DSC_0400

In front of the daybed is directly the pool and it’s quite small! (not as long as we expected)


It nicely fits around 20 people, we invited 20 plus and all of these are hard work by different group of people with his boyfriend busy in air force camp all week long. The food prepared by the food team. Photo props by photo props team.

For me and my boyfriend? I am appointed photographer of the day. I prepared her Mambo kit scrapbook (Did I mentioned I love Scrapbooking and patronise The Paper Market and spent lots of money on Scrapbook materials?!) haha. I even brought my electrical cooker for the chocolate fondue to the hotel in two large luggages for all the stuffs including drinks. My boyfriend printed out all the photos he got from Caleb and bought the chocolates for him). To cut long story short, we are described as the manual labour team when Caleb explained to Clarabelle later on. Nice.

DSC_0364 DSC_0368

The chocolate fondues with bananas, strawberries, grapes and mashmallows! A great idea by Caleb but bananas will turn black later on. Guys are guys.. Caleb wouldn’t think too much into buying fruits. HAHA. Sushis and sweet confectionaries! (Prepared by Girls of course, not being a sexist here but aren’t girls a great help to parties for girls?)

Did I forgot to mention the theme? IT’s GREAT GATSBY.

colour basically would be BLACK and GOLD.

DSC_0353 DSC_0355

The photo props and a cute water dispenser which we filled it up with Fruit Punch Syrup and water! The scrapbook is more like a guest book for guests to sign birthday wishes for Belle.

DSC_0549 DSC_0552

The night view from the balcony. The photo booth is a success! OF course! With me as the photographer woman!

DSC_0491 DSC_0517 DSC_0641 DSC_0648 DSC_0741

Note the props are the pipe my boyfriend is holding and the ribbon.

The wine, towel, champagne shaker and metal glass are not actual props but random items from the hotel they used to post as waiters!! HAHA how cute.. and look how happy the birthday girl is.. She is like “HAHAHAHA, SO HAPPY”

And to the theme, all the guys wore bow ties and got really funny about it.


What about the cake ? We ditched the traditional cake and had cupcakes instead! Everyone get to have one and you don’t have to cut you see.. Haha.. So lazy! But it’s a great idea and saves the cost on a $100 customised cake, you get to customise your own toppings for the cupcakes too! All sorts of varieties to choose from nowadays. I’m not sure what shop they bought this from.

But you can plan really early for your birthday and research for all the available options!

Overall: The hotel pool is not really available to the visitors, they say it’s only for in-house guest. (means Caleb and his girlfriend only) and Caleb is really disturbed by the no noise policy. Hosting in hotels has this difficulty, make sure no loud music are heard before they chase you out and some hotels have a latest time for all visitors to stay until. But I’m not sure if they check so meticulously. Just hope no complaints from next door. We are lucky enough, next door seems to be empty! HAHA. We wanted to check in early so we asked for early check in but the hotel has no guarantee and it depends on the previous tenants to check out first. You can try to ask politely but it usually ends up that you have to wait in the lobby!

We took a dip in the room’s own private plunge pool before we go home! Make use of it so it’s not wasted mah.

Really check with the hotels first before you host a party. Did I mentioned we have to smuggle drinks up in luggages? LOL


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